Service area from Evanston to Gold Coast/Old Town and Western Avenue.


We would love to help in the best of our ability. To maximize our service, any walks must be scheduled ahead of time. Any walks requested at the last minute, the day of, after 10 am will incur a on-demand $5 service charge. 



30-Minute visit - $15

We'll walk your dog a mile or two - or just into the backyard for some playtime and a potty break! (3 walks per week min)

20-Minute Walk-$12

Single walk - $17

(Less than 3 per week)

Hour Walk -$25

Puppy Promo* new clients

15-Minute Visit- $8

A short walk or just a little playtime, a quick potty break and some tlc! great for puppies! (2 walks per day minimum)

15-minute visit - $10

A short walk or just a little playtime, a quick potty break and some tlc! great for puppies! (2 walks per day minimum)

please add $3 for each additional dog

Holiday Walks


Additional $10 Per Day

New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas

Additional $5

Normal walking hours are 10 am until 4 pm Monday thru Friday. 12 hour notice for cancellations please! No charge for cancels! Life happens!





For dogs-$65

Service will be customized to your needs and may include feeding, dispensing medication, walks, playtime and always lots of TLC! Up to 2 dogs per home.
Each visit is 30 minutes in length. Up to 4 visits per day. Pre-payment for half total amount required for first-time clients.

For Cats - $15


15-minute visit for multiple cats Includes quick clean of the litter box, fresh food and water, and of course, TLC!

DOG RUN | *new


30-Minute Run - $30

Is your pooch full of energy and a walk isn't enough? Is he/she more active and loves exercise? We can provide extra stimulation by running with your pooch.

We are now offering a new service for your pooches so they can get more exercise in. You will notice the difference immediately, as its recommended for dogs to get more exercise aside of their walk. 

Try it out! Your pooch will appreciate it!

PARK PLAY | *new


45-Minute Play - $25

Does your pup love playing outside? We can walk let him play in our private dog park and let him run out the excess energy if walking and running isn't enough. Weather applies.

Drop/ Pick up is not included in pricing.